How It Began

It all started about a year ago. I was very tired of always having to be creative and come up with something to make for dinner that was edible, easy and somewhat healthy.   It was always a chore; what meat to thaw, what veggies to cut up,  do I need to start boiling something now, or realizing I need one ingredient from the store.   This was all while my 3 yr old was asking me to play with him because we have been apart from each other since I dropped him off at day care in the morning. 

So I needed a plan. I needed to organize my weekday dinners.  I didn't want to dread my second job everyday (that is mom from 5:30-??).  I couldn't handle another boring spaghetti and taco night.  We still have our Italian and Mexican nights, but they are different, yummy and surprisingly quick dinners.

I might have a little bit of OCD, but without a plan I get lost and distracted very easily.  My goal every day is to be out of the kitchen by 7.  I try to reserve the rest of the evening as our family time;  puzzles, books, movies, walking the dog or just sitting down with a glass of wine (mommy time).

To stay organized it takes about 30-45 minutes of prep time. I usually do this on a Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon during nap time. I pull my local Publix ad, see what meat/seafood and produce is on sale and plan away. I love combining fresh produce and herbs.  I search to see what I have in my garden and pantry before making my week day dinner menu - this has cut my grocery bill by $20-$30 every week. 

So welcome to my weekly food blog. I hope I can inspire other families to stay on a budget, reduce the number of trips they need to take to the super market, enjoy their week day meals, and promote healthy & yummy eating. 

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